Become fully certified in the Quantum Airway Focused, Lingual Oral Rest Posture, and Facial Growth Guidance (ALF) appliances and philosophy of treatment through AEI courses.

List of Certified Dentists

Pediatric Quantum ALF

 Previously Level 1

Must Complete:

Course 1

Adolescent Quantum ALF

Previously Level 2

Must Complete:

Course 1 or 11 and 6

Course 2

Course 3

and Course 7

Adult TMD/OSA Quantum ALF

Previously Level 3

Must Complete:

Course 1 or 11 and 6

Course 4

Course 5

Course 6

Course 7

and Course 8

AEI Fellow

Achieve the highest level of ALF certification and become an AEI Fellow

Must Complete:

Courses 1-10

Six completed AEI Quantum ALF cases

Published peer review article following the Quantum ALF Philosophy