Course 1: Early Pediatric Intervention (Begins May 2024!)

Includes 3 weekends: Session 1 (May 17 & 18, 2024), Session 2 (Sept 5 & 6, 2024), and Session 3 (Dec 13 & 14, 2024) for Dentists

48 CE Credits


The ALF EARLY PEDIATRIC INTERVENTION course is an intense three session program, two days per session set approximately 3 months apart. Each dentist participant will treat 2 patients from their own practice for the 9 months with guidance from the AEI staff. In Session 3, they will present the cases at a graduation grand rounds, and each participant is required to pass a written exam based on the course work.

The ALF Early Pediatric Intervention includes exposure to 3 modalities of treatment, hands on training in the Quantum ALF appliance philosophy and use, Osteopathic Principles, and Myofunctional Principles and application.


1. Submit 2 cases (maximum age 6), 6 weeks prior to start of the program. Required records: An ICAT CBCT (ultra quick scan, taken without a chin cup), a Complete photo series, patient photo releases, models of the teeth, completed ALF Evaluation forms, informed consents, and videos of the patients eating, walking, talking and drinking water.

2. The cases will be used for group diagnosis and treatment planning, ALF appliances will
be fabricated for each case, for insertion when the participant returns to his/her office,
with specific instructions for the next 3 months.

3. Monthly follow up photos and ALF Follow up evaluation forms are required, to be discussed at each successive course date.

4. At Sessions 2 and 3 the participants will be required to present the progress of their 2
cases in a Grand Rounds type format with power point presentations.

5. There will be a written examination based on the clinical cases, the reading assignments, the theory, and the labs.

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