ALF Educational Institute (AEI) was founded to share and promote the knowledge of whole body health through the understanding of how the oral complex, complete airway system, and hard and soft tissues of the head, neck, and body are related to the etiology of malocclusion and disease of the airway.

Due to the various approaches of treatment with an ALF appliance, the AEI developed the Quantum ALF appliance and Quantum ALF Philosophy to credential dentists in its proper use and application.

Through the paradigm of the Bronson-inspired Quantum ALF Philosophy – Airway Focused, Lingual Oral Rest Posture, and Facial Growth Guidance – the AEI educates healthcare professionals how to achieve optimal health for patients of all ages.


The AEI believes that by exposing, educating, and teaching other health care professionals the core beliefs of optimal health, we can impact change with our patients leading to healthier and happier individuals.


The goal of the AEI is to offer a teaching environment for the Quantum Philosophy in Advanced Light Force appliances, so that the Graduates are knowledgeable, compassionate and confident in the use of the Quantum ALF.

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Why AEI and the Quantum ALF?

We believe that treatment should begin as early as possible, so that there are fewer long term deleterious effects of the abnormal growth patterns associated with malocclusions in primary teeth and their influences on soft tissue and associated sleep disorder breathing.

Our Quantum ALF appliances and philosophy of treatment are not only successful in treating malocclusion in early primary dentition but are also successful in treating adolescent/adult malocclusion, and TMD.

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Our Faculty

Kathy Winslow, RDH

Head of Myofunctional Therapy

Tasha Turzo, DO

Head of Osteopathy