“The passion and willingness to share knowledge is invaluable! “Most unique course I have ever attended, Dr. Bronson most honest, open, sharing and caring about his material and students. Can’t wait for the next two years!“ – Dr. (F.D., DDS CA)
“Awesome Lecture!“ – Dr. (Sydney, Australia)
“The teaching in this curriculum has impacted my knowledge and skill base more than any single course since I was a medical student and everything was new. It truly is a residency…” – Dr. (M. V., DO)
“Best course I have ever taken in my professional career!” – Dr. (Toronto)
“I wanted to personally thank you for such an awesome training weekend once again. Truly, this program has turned out to be one of the very few worthwhile courses I have ever taken. As you might know, I am an LVI master dentist and have also taken almost every course under the sun, so I have seen most of it. So thanks again for being such a great teacher and putting together an excellent program!“ – Dr. (J. B., DDS, MBA)
“The course was like a spiritual experience!” – Dr. (Boston)

Video Testimonials